The Mycoalition Team

Get to know the passionate individuals driving our community-led natural medicine initiatives.

Evan Segura
Director of The Mycoalition

I am a first-gen Chicano community organizer, amateur mycologist, and psychedelic activist.

Matthew Duffy
Board Chair

With a background in ecological justice, Matthew Duffy (Duffy) teamed with Decriminalize Denver as a sporeganizer for the Denver Psilocybin Initiative in 2018.

Carmen Winter
Secretary of The Board

Carmen Winter, is a design strategist and drug policy researcher based in Washington, D.C.

Alexa Rosenthal
Board Member

Alexa Rosenthal, co-founder of Ecoversity, is a world ambassador and cultural innovator in the realm of eco-centric education.

Ana Medina
Board Member

Ana Medina co-founded The New Paradigm Mystery School, an 8-month program for leadership and healing.

Jimmy Nguyen
Board Member

Jimmy’s life purpose is to transmute suffering into love, and to help individuals unlock their own inner healer, many of which effectively do so with intentional psychedelic use.

Courtney Barnes
General Counsel

Courtney Barnes is a devoted social justice attorney and trailblazer in drug policy reform.


Take part in the mycelial movement for holistic change with psychedelics!